CBMC & Focus on the Family Join Hands

In an August 2008 issue of CBMC's The Connector newsletter, Phil Stone, Director of Communications and Marketing, announced the partnership between CBMC and Focus on the Family to recommend CBMC and the Operation Timothy discipleship series to graduates of Focus on the Family's, The Truth Project.

Stone relates: Back in 30 A.D. Pontius pilate asked..."WHAT IS TRUTH?" Two thousand years later that question is still coursing through the veins of man.

In a 2003 study, the Barna Group made an astonishing conclusion that continues to reverberate across the evangelical world: only 9% of those who profess to be Christians have a Biblical worldview. Becuase of that, most of today's believers live a life very similiar to non-believers. This would seem to suggest, as a nation, we have lost our compass heading. It's a sobering thought, isn't it?

In an effort to counter this slide, Focus on the Family launched one of the most compelling and powerful projects in the history of their ministry: The Truth Project, a 12 hour home study hosted by Dr. Del Tackett, that examines life from a Biblical perspective. Each one hour lesson drills down to the relevance and importance of living the Christian worldview in our daily lives.

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Since its debut last spring, The Truth Project has ignited thousands of men and women who have gone through the program to re-think how they are doing life.

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This one project represents an exponential change within the body of Christ, as thousands upon thousands worldwide are experiencing real, measurable transformation by this curriculum.

What is Worldview?

Like Focus on the Family, we at CBMC believe that The Truth Project holds as much potential to advance the Kingdom as any program we have seen in the history of our ministry. "God has brought Focus on the Family to our doorstep, but we need each one of you to see the benefit of The Truth Project and then commit to doing everything in your power to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Patrick O'Neal, CBMC National Executive Director.

Philosophy & Ethics

Dr. Tackett implores, "We are in a battle for truth and Romans 12:2 (NIV) points to the solution: 'Do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.'

The American Experiment

"Can a renewing of the mind really bring about true transformation that will keep us from comforming to the world?" asks Dr. Tackett.

Community & Involvement

We encourage each of you to seriously examine the possiblity that God has brought The Truth Project to CBMC for a specific reason. Could it be that you are reading this right now because of a divine appointment urging you to get involved?

Call the CBMC Service Center at 1-800-332-9268 or email: thetruthptoject@cbmc.com