CBMC Vision for the Future

God has given CBMC a fresh new vision for our future. He will accomplish
it through men who are fully committed to Him and to His purposes.

"One shall become a thousand." (Isaiah 60:22)

The Christian Businessmen's Connection

The letters in our name, CBMC, stand for Christian Businessmen's Connection. Our focus is the two-fold purpose of evangelism and discipleship through life-on-life discipleship relationships, based upon our mission, vision, and core values.

Internally - Evangelism and Discipleship

* Connecting men to Jesus
* Connecting men to one another for accountability and common pupose

Externally - To the World

* A movement of men
* Connect with men in order to connect them to Christ

The CBMC Brandmark - Our Logo

A logo is the symbol of the heart of the entity it represents. The CBMC logo represents the all-encompassing identity of who we are in Christ.

Our brandmark has multiple meanings. God is represented her as the three persons of the Trinity. The logo also represents a circle of men, a Team working in unity within a city ministry. It speaks of Christ covering the life-on-life relationship of Paul and Timothy. The logo represents the motion of a powerful movement of God through the Holy Spirit, designating a change in location for tactical or strategic purposes.

Our logo is visionary for the men of CBMC who are united to reclaim our cities for Christ.

Check out our newly re-designed Operation Timothy bible discussion series. We are excited about Operation Timothy because we know it works.